I’m New Here

What is the worship service like?

We have a traditional worship service and generally follow the same pattern each week.

  1. The worship opens with a musical prelude
  2. A welcome and announcements are made
  3. We pray and sing hymns
  4. We confess our sins, and hear the continued blessing of God’s forgiveness.
  5. There is a short Children’s talk.
  6. We read from the Bible
  7. The pastor provides a sermon
  8. We sing some more songs
  9. An offering is collected for the work of God through the church
  10. The Pastor offers a blessing
  11. The worship concludes with a musical postlude.

How long is the worship service?

Worship lasts about an hour, though sometimes special events or sacraments can cause the service to run a little longer.

When is communion and can anyone take communion?

We celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month and on special days when appropriate.

You do not have to be a member or even a Presbyterian to receive the Lord’s Supper at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church. We invite all those who are baptized, having professed their faith in Jesus Christ, to receive this Sacrament.

What if I haven’t been to church for a long time or I’ve never gone to church?

That is okay! Not everyone at Cherry Hill was raised going to church or raised Presbyterian. You are welcome to join us for worship. It is easy to follow along with the order of worship using the printed bulletin. The bulletin details what to say and when, which songs we are singing, and even lets us know when to sit and stand!

What should I wear?

It kind of depends on your comfort level and what activities you are going to do after church. There are usually some people every week wearing jeans or even shorts in the summer. Most of the men wear dress pants and shirts, some wear suits, jackets and ties. Women in the church wear everything from pants and a nice shirt to dresses and skirts.

Where should I park?

Ample parking is available in the lot on the east side of the building. If for some reason the parking lot is full, you can also park on Drexel St. (just west of the building) or in the neighborhood across the street.

Where should I enter the church?

You can enter the church using the  Office Entrance Doors by the east parking lot or from the Main Doors facing Cherry Hill Road (south side of the building) which bring you directly into the sanctuary.

What if I have a baby with me?

Babies are welcome in worship.  However if you prefer to have your child in nursery care, that service is available during worship. If an adult is not in the nursery when you arrive, please let an Usher or Greeter know you would like nursery care and they will find the appropriate person.

Where should I take my preschooler?

The preschool and kindergarten children start the morning upstairs in the Godly Play room. During worship, they will be brought to the sanctuary for the Children’s Message, and then will return to the classroom until you get them at the end of worship.

Where do the kids go during the worship?

Don’t be surprised when your children leave the sanctuary following the Children’s Message. They are off to Sunday School. The elementary students will be upstairs waiting for you after worship, just ask anyone to point you to the stairs and follow the noise! The middle high students will join you at Coffee Hour in Memorial Parlor following worship.