Cherry Hill Church was founded in April 1942 when a young United Presbyterian minister, Dr. Frank J. Irvine, accepted a call from the Board of American Missions of the United Presbyterian Church of North America.  Dr. Irvine moved from Pueblo, Colo. to start a mission church in Dearborn, Michigan.  He received support from Littlefield United Presbyterian Church, located in east Dearborn.

The congregation worshipped in Lindbergh Elementary School until August 1948, when what is now the Chapel was completed.   With the rapid growth of Cherry Hill’s program, an Education Building was dedicated in May 1953.  By the mid-1950’s, the congregation embarked on plans for the Sanctuary.  The attractive, colonial design building was completed in June, 1958.  In 1970, the final addition on the north side of the building opened, housing office space, a parlor, and additional classrooms.

For over seventy years, Cherry Hill Church has been a fixture on the corner of Telegraph and Cherry Hill Roads.  Today, the congregation continues to worship, study, and serve the community, seeking to be a beacon of God’s love.